5 Things You Need to Know About Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring

Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring

People have a habit to buy anything at once. They also pack the things in a bulk that considered as one step of saving expenses. From food ingredients, house cleaning products, even include materials for decorating the house.

You may keep nails, tape, or decorating wood for the wall to later use it for beautifying your house.

Same goes to the flooring. If you have a plan to hard flooring the floor, you may stock the flooring first. One of the floorings that often buy at once is Select Surface laminate flooring.

Besides its affordable, it gives the ability for the user to put the floor. Know more the Select Surfaces laminate flooring by reading the explanation below.

Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring Cost

An average laminate flooring spends about $2 – $4 per one square foot. That’s not including tax, service, and shipping. The cost of shipping may variate from the service you use.

Meanwhile, the hard flooring cost more than $8. The price makes sense because the hard flooring creates from different materials and thicker than the laminate flooring.

As for Select Surfaces laminate flooring, you will have $1.79 – $2.60 for the 12mm flooring. In another hand, the 8mm flooring price range from $1.49 – $1.60. You can buy it online from the marketplace or come to their store.

You maybe can get discount while you buy something in a bulk. Try to find a discount if you want to save the expenses.

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The reason why Select Surface offer price from $1.79 – $ 2.60 simply because they want to give more options for their customer. Indeed, every brand has its classification of quality.

But not every brand brave enough to give more than 1 option for quality. With a wide range of choice, the customer will be freer to pick what they need and like.

Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring Style

Most of us often choose style over quality. It’s normal, but you need to pay attention to the quality too.

Fortunately, the Select Surfaces gives trendy appearance with premium quality that has been set with the price. It’s very worth buying.

In the style, Select Surfaces laminate flooring have Maple, Oak, Hickory and Walnut patterns. Each of them is printed and waterproof. But that still doesn’t mean they are unbreakable when you pour the water and stepping too hard to the flooring.

Whatever the floor is, low quality or high quality, they will be damaged if we can’t take care of it well.

They also have a variety of colours such as brown, beige, greys, and another wood-alike colour. Strangely, the colour is eye-catching. They didn’t make you bored because there’s a trendy detail.

While there is no much option for colour, they look like real wood while you put that in the subfloor. Each plank has it, so you will feel like install for hardwood flooring.

Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring Durability

The durability of Select Surfaces is quite strong. Though Select Surfaces laminate flooring is not water-resistant, they are scratch-resistant and will not damage in mass traffic of using.

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Different things apply to other laminate flooring. It needs to be cleaned with cloth and laminate cleaner once a lot of people stepped on that.

Another speciality about Select Surfaces durability is they won’t produce noise while everyone walks upon that. It’s also stained free because the flooring painted with premium materials.

This technology makes Select Surfaces laminate flooring seems always clean and could give convenience to whoever uses it.

Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring Construction

While we already know the durability, we will also talk about the construction of the laminate flooring. Most of the Select Surfaces laminate flooring force thick layer of flooring. They even promote it on their website as extra 14mm thick.

In reality, the flooring length is 12mm and added by 2mm of the underlayment. This protects the laminate flooring for a long period.

They polish their laminate flooring with aluminium oxide, specifically with AC4 abrasion-rated. It proves them that Select Surfaces laminate flooring is durable and worth to buy.

As we already said before, this laminate flooring is not water-resistant. But if you can put underlayment again, it will add the protection and minimalize damage.

Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring Installation

Installing may be annoying for some people. It took their time and energy. But it can make people understand to install the laminate flooring by themselves.

With watching the DIY videos, you don’t have to hire a professional for the installation. It also lets you know the structure of flooring, so it will be easy for you to tinkering it.

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In the case you don’t have a lot of time and should be doing another priority thing, you only need to pay attention of laminate flooring details and ask for installation service to do what you want too.

  1. Prepare the additional materials

Indeed, installing laminate flooring need other materials. Nails, rubber, tape measurement, and underlayment will make the service installation complete.

Most of them already know what they do, but you may order them a special request. You can talk about it with both considerations.

  • Close the gap perfectly

Why laminate flooring is often broken?

Or, the dust and dirt coming along when you already vacuum it?

The gap could be a source of problems because it’s not put and glued properly. You should check whether your subfloor is unbalanced or the pad is not attached.

Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring Special Feature

There is a special feature of Select Surfaces laminate flooring that can make people who use it overwhelmed. As for your information, all of the Select Surfaces products is GreenGuard gold certified and made from legally source wood.

They decide to do it for the sake of the environmental impact and to make our world nature is safer. This laminate flooring is recommended for using. The product is safe for beginners and it also environmentally friendly.

When you are about to decorate your own house to be more comfortable, you can easily set up for laminate flooring by choosing Select Surface’s brand.

You can buy it from their website or just visit their official store to start adorning your house.