All About Laminate for LIFE Flooring

Laminate for LIFE Flooring

Taking products are quite tricky if you don’t know their materials. It’s worse if you should pick for the essential things like materials for building your house. That means you need to know the construction of the products.

At least, you can see which one who doesn’t have good quality and which one has an average or above-average quality. By that, you can save your expenses if you could choose a high-quality product.

If it’s related to the laminate flooring, you can choose it wisely by looking at their appearance first. If it does have lots of styles and offer considerable thick of laminate flooring, then you may take it.

We have some recommendation for you if you search for laminate flooring. You may look to the LIFE laminate flooring as your choice for flooring. Here’s the full explanation of it.

Laminate for LIFE Flooring Cost

As we all know, the cost of laminate flooring range from $1 – $8. It already includes the standard quality until the premium quality of flooring. It’s may vary based on the products you choose and the style you pick.

Different from laminate flooring, the hard flooring itself put more than $10 per one square foot. It’s understandable since the material and quality is better than laminate flooring.

If we already know the price of laminate flooring and hard flooring, now we will compare it to the laminate for LIFE flooring. They offer the flooring for $4 – $7 per square foot. Quite pricey and their maximum price is about to reach the highest laminate flooring price.

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The reason why the developer determines to sell at a particular price is that the quality is high-end.

You can see the difference of LIFE flooring between a $1 – $3 per square foot laminate flooring. We didn’t mean to claim that LIFE flooring is better than another. But through price, you will understand the advantages just by holding their products.

The strong texture, thick flooring, and the technology in the flooring. Please note also the price may vary because of a different supplier. If you want to save expenses, you can order that online.

Laminate for LIFE Flooring Construction

Before we talk about LIFE flooring durability, the construction of the laminate flooring is something important that we need to fathom.  As for the standard quality of their laminate flooring, the thickness is about 8mm.

The plank will be adjusted according to your subfloor condition. This 8mm thickness may be thin, but LIFE flooring decides to coat the planks with aluminium oxide. It will make the laminate flooring stronger.

Meanwhile, there is 10mm thick of laminate flooring with adjusted planks too. You can pick it from 6″, 7″, and 8″. Every plank is useful if you could find out the necessity of the laminate flooring for your house. Same goes as the 8mm thick laminate flooring.

They also have underlayment as an effort to shield the laminate flooring from breakdown because of mass traffic of the room.

The underlayment divide into 2-in-1 2mm foam underlayment which is a standard grade pad. It gives 2 special features in the laminate flooring; air cushion and sound reduce when people step in the floor.

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The other underlayment detail is 3-in-2 2mm that provides a moisture barrier. It will give you advantages when you installed it properly. You just need to close the gap perfectly and that makes another feature will perform their function.

Laminate for LIFE Flooring Durability & Warranty

LIFE flooring durability is excellent. As you already know for the construction, they arrange the flooring by pay attention to every detail thing. They calculate the probability of damage and avoid them.

While another product doesn’t have a water-resistant feature, they do have water-resistant technology that makes it could be able to install in the bathroom. Once you buy laminate for LIFE flooring, you get all the satisfying products for your house.

They also have special warranties for their customer. There are “Platinum” and “Titanium” level for the warranties. The specific information about this warranty is they will replace your products if there’s product failure and if there’s delamination in your flooring.

There is also “The Beautiful Guarantee” for the customer who maintains the laminate flooring so the appearance is the same as first buying. If you want to use LIFE flooring, these warranties are advantages for you.

Laminate for LIFE Flooring Styles

The laminate flooring styles depend on their developer. How the design and colour they offer is all on their hands. For the LIFE flooring styles, they offer a lot of patterns for your room.

For example, hickory, oak, maple patterns that you may put it in the living room. It’s just 3 of another collection. You can explore it later if you come to their store or visit their website.

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The colour of laminate for LIFE flooring varies from beige and browny. You can choose as you want by match it with the walls. Most of their styles are design, but they are not old. It’s classic and makes your room comfortable.

For your information too, the products of LIFE flooring also complete with hand-scraped, antique, and wire brush. It will make your flooring always clean and not easily stain.

Laminate for LIFE Flooring Installation

LIFE flooring installation is quite easy. If you have enough time and enough energy, you can do it alone. The products are equipped with smart technology. They have floating click-and-lock-system that will be adjusted your laminate flooring smoothly. It’s convenience for the beginner and even professional love it.

The other features of LIFE flooring smart technology installation are the drop-and-lock system. By this feature, each angle will be tap perfectly.

You don’t need any additional materials for installing this laminate flooring. Rubber and measure tape may hurt, but besides all of that, you don’t have to search for the DIY again.

Just straightly look to their procedures. For a family who have more than 5 house members, you can choose this laminate flooring to balance the mass traffic in your house.

The hard and strong texture of LIFE flooring will keep your floor from breakdown. As long as you maintain the laminate flooring well, they still function at it should be.