Eternity Laminate Flooring Review in 5 Point of View

Eternity Laminate Flooring Review

Flooring is an important part of making a house. It would not be complete if we left the flooring process behind it. A house may have strong materials to use, but the internal matter is necessary as the other things.

It also depends on how you want to build up your house. Most of the studio house use hardwood flooring for their floor. In the standard house, they use ordinary tile for that.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, many houses decide to pick laminate flooring for their floor. This kind of style is popular since there are much stylish laminate flooring at a great price.

You can search for Eternity laminate flooring if you want to spice up your house with that. It’s easy, has a lot of styles and offers at an affordable price. There you go for further information.

Eternity Laminate Flooring Cost

Let’s look for the exact price in the market by comparing all the cost. From average laminate flooring cost, hard flooring cost, to the Eternity laminate flooring cost. For the average laminate flooring cost, it is range from $1 – $5.

The products special feature didn’t include in this calculation. They only provide it in standard quality, middle quality, and high quality of laminate flooring.

When the average laminate flooring offers $1 – $5 for one square foot, the hard flooring put $10 for each per square of the foot. Twice a price of average laminate flooring. It makes sense because the hard flooring process more detailed than the laminate flooring.

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They also suit for a long period of usability and mass traffic in the house.

In the other side, Eternity laminate flooring cost from $2 – $4 for one square foot. It’s neither too low nor too high. The price is quite worthy for the medium quality. Indeed, the cost varies from the product you choose.

The shipping cost, tax, and maybe additional installation materials widen your expenses when buying this laminate flooring.

Eternity Laminate Flooring Durability

Above all the things is the durability of the laminate flooring. You better choose pretty pricey flooring rather than affordable one but it’s not durable.

Fortunately, the Eternity laminate flooring is resistance one. They often use in the heavy traffic of the house. It can be used in a family with more than 5 members. The thickness and texture of laminate flooring were processed properly.

The laminate flooring also durable of stains, slip, fire, and fading. As long as you can take care of it well, it would not harm the kids in your house. Always prevent the kids to play the laminate flooring.

The unpredictable accident may happen. And if you are also allergic to the dust, you don’t have to be afraid. By using this flooring, they are easy to clean.

Eternity Laminate Flooring Warranty

The products that do not pass the quality control and accidentally sold will be replaced by the new product. As long as it is fulfilling the criteria of warranty, you can report that to the company.

For the residential use, the warranty starts from 25 years to 50 years. It is determined by the product you pick. In the other hand, the commercial use warranty is 5 years.

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Eternity Laminate Flooring Colour & Styles

Decorating a house is nothing without the colour and style. The quality and durability may be important for the function purpose. But we can’t deny the fact that we also need for the aesthetic purpose.

Because of that, Eternity laminate flooring offers you tons of designs and colour that may suitable for your room. Find out your favorite styles and colour for laminate flooring.

  1. Styles

They have more than 30 collections with different styles. You can choose modern, trendy, rusty, chic, even sleek design.

Styles were sorted as Nordic Collection, Charleston Collection, Barnwood Collection, and Grand Heritage Collection. Each of them owns a special looking and will give different feel in your house.

  • Colour

As we already know that they have various styles, we can guess it easily how many colors they offer. It’s a complete pack of colour, from white to black, from light to dark. The designs are available in lots of colors.

You may be confusing to pick one of the colors because they all are eye-catching and makes your house comfortable.

Eternity Laminate Flooring Installation

We recommend you to install the Eternity laminate flooring in every room.

How can you goof off the good product while you can use it at once?

You can pick the wood-alike laminate flooring if you want to focus more while studying. The Nordic Collection is quite suitable for your room in case you want to wake up in a calm and tranquil condition.

You can also install it the kitchen but make sure you prepare for the underlayment. The product doesn’t have water-resistant technology and it obviously will damage your flooring if a liquid pour. You can’t submit your warranty if it’s because of your mistake.

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Also, don’t try to install your bathroom since it’s not water-resistant.

Eternity Laminate Flooring Maintenance

While cleaning your laminate flooring, don’t use strong chemical cleaner and wet mop. The laminate flooring is not the same as standard tile.

To make it clean and keep the quality at the same time, use the laminate floor cleaner and microfiber mop. Laminate is prone to damage just by a little thing. They need special care.

The note on how to remove dirt and dust in laminate flooring is swiped it softly and clean it to as detail as you can. You can also vacuum it first and then spray the laminate flooring cleaner.

To prevent sneezing, wear a mask and wear a pair of gloves to avoid your hand from bacteria. When it comes to the flooring, you are not only trained to choose the right decoration for your house.

It’s regarding safety too, and how you can install it without difficulty. Don’t get tricked by cheap or appearance of laminate flooring.

Pick the high-quality one and adjust that with what you desire. Hopefully, Eternity laminate flooring will help you for that.