Nuvelle Laminate Flooring Review in 5 Aspects

Nuvelle Laminate Flooring Review

Installing the laminate flooring need to be precise and pay attention to the detail. There’s a flooring you should press in the subfloor, the exact measurements of laminate flooring you want to put, and many more.

The additional materials to install the laminate flooring is a must. Without all of that, your laminate flooring may be broken because of the mistake while installing.

Before installing the laminate flooring, you have to choose the best brand for your laminate flooring. You can sort it by price or style. But you can’t forget that quality or durability is a necessity when choosing a product.

We have a lot of recommendations for you, but this time we will tell you about Nuvelle laminate flooring first. Read below to know more about the product!

Nuvelle Laminate Flooring Cost

The high or low cost depends on style and quality you search for laminate flooring. If you want hard flooring exotic patterns with HD printed, you must spend more than $10 just for per square foot. You also need to look for the length and width of your room.

The larger room, the bigger money spend for that. In case you want to install hardwood flooring, you may cost $8 – $10 for real wood.

Each flooring cost range from the additional feature they have. The hardwood flooring will cost more than $10 if you want it polished and double coated. Same goes to the laminate flooring. The average price of laminate flooring is $2 – $8.

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The technology of laminate flooring may add the cost. As for Nuvelle laminate flooring, they offer $1.25 – $2.75 per one square foot. This range of price is sorted into a mid-quality product. The price may vary, depend on where you buy it.

The shipping will make it pricier than before. But if you visit their store and choose the products, you need to prepare for the vehicle that will carry the products.

For the additional features, you may want to buy underlayment for your laminate flooring. It cost from $0.25 – $0.75 for one underlayment.

Another store also sells underlayment with foam or double locking. You can pick one according to the necessity.

Nuvelle Laminate Flooring Durability & Warranty

With the price we already talked, the Nuvelle laminate flooring considered as a middle-quality product. In their built-in feature, they already have a Uniclic locking system to make the installation easier and fit together perfectly.

Indeed, this technology makes Nuvelle laminate flooring durable of a breakdown caused by the unlocking system in their laminate flooring.

The laminate flooring also wear-resistant and coated with oxide aluminium. That makes them prevented from stains and damaged when people stepping hard on the floor. Though it’s not water-resistant, Nuvelle laminate flooring durability is considered pretty good for mid-quality level with all the features.

The price is affordable for laminate flooring with the locking system and the texture.

The warranty for Nuvelle product is 50 years for residential use. Scope of the warranty are problems related to the planks like glued and broken planks, delamination, tore floor, and any other failed features from the mistake under the manufacturer.

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You need to take note too that they didn’t cover for something broke because you do it on purpose or failure caused by improper installation.

Nuvelle Laminate Flooring Construction

For the basic information of Nuvelle laminate flooring construction, they process the flooring with high-density fibreboard core. It makes them stronger than another middle-quality laminate flooring.

There are also 10mm – 12mm Nuvelle laminate flooring collection that reduces the noise when people step up to the floor. One of the collections that have this construction is Thomasville collection.

As for 8mm thick of laminate flooring, they also have noise reduction but not better than the 10mm – 12mm laminate flooring.

As it’s already stated before, each of Nuvelle laminate flooring has a Uniclic locking system that integrates your laminate flooring while you install it.

Nuvelle Laminate Flooring Colour & Style

A lot of people choose style over quality. It’s okay for them if the quality is standard, but it must be offered a lot of styles. In this case, you will be mesmerized by how Nuvelle creates its design for a middle-quality product.

They even have a lot of collection with precise design and construction.

  • Baby Grand Collection

This collection will let you choose cherry, acacia, koa pattern to be placed in your room. Their elegance yet trendy styles collection give 5.5″ wide of planks that will support your laminate flooring installation.

Some people who already use that consider this as a little bit of old-fashioned, but they find it a pleasure when they use it in their room.

  • The Acacia 800 and The Hidden Valley
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For the Acacia collection, they provide the acacia patter with an abundant number of the colour you can choose it freely. It’s a match for your bedroom or study room and will make you more concentrated with a calm and tranquil design.

As for the Hidden Valley, they have 7.5″ wide plank and wire-brushed white oak styles. You may use it for a modern but classic interior since the colour is light.

Nuvelle Laminate Flooring Installation

The Nuvelle laminate flooring does have a floating type of flooring. That means, there’s no requirement of glue or any fasteners in process of Installation. You only need a saw and tape measure, and that’s all will work.

The only thing that will add up to your time is when you process the underlayment. There is no attached pad in the laminate flooring. You have to lay out the underlayment first before installing the floor.

However, Nuvelle laminate flooring relatively simple to be installed by yourself. The click-locking system with the help you to adjust each of laminate flooring and subfloor. There will be no gaps while finishing the installation.

With installing by yourself, you can save the expenses for another thing. But if you still doubt installing, you can hire the professional to do that. As for a conclusion, Nuvelle laminate flooring is a great option for you who search medium quality of laminate flooring.

Their price may be affordable, but their durability proves not all cheap products damaged as soon as it bought.

With Uniclic technology, the installation of Nuvelle laminate flooring becomes very handy. You can buy them on their website or official store.