The Advantages of Using Bellami Laminate Flooring

Using Bellami Laminate Flooring

Luxury living may become people’s favorite style to decorate a house. The modern and trendy way is an alternate to make the house convenience. A lot of people also think that luxury means expensive thing.

Yes, that’s the part of it. But luxury doesn’t always mean expensive. It’s about elegance in the details of the products.

As for creating a comfortable and luxury house, you need to pay attention to each part. From the wall, desk and chair, and also the home flooring. If you plan to floor the subfloor with beautiful and luxury style, you can try to use Bellami laminate for the flooring.

Besides having various of style, they also have an unbreakable floor that will keep your floor from damage.

Bellami Laminate Flooring Cost

First thing when we are about to buy a product, we must look for the price before we continue the process. Yes, quality is important. But if it’s doesn’t match with the budget we already decide, it will force us to let out any additional expense.

Indeed, we have to know the Bellami laminate flooring cost. Let’s start it from hard flooring. The hard flooring price range from $8 – 10. If they are printed and wire-brushed, the price will be more than $10. That’s for one square foot.

In the other hand, average laminate flooring offers $2 – $4 per square foot. It’s more affordable because their quality and materials are different from hard flooring. Laminate flooring is not that bad.

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At least the additional features like underlayment and attached pad will make it last for a long time and prevent from damage. You will find it useful when you need to use for the exact price with medium quality of flooring.

Finally, as for the Bellami, they only offer $1.59 for per square foot. A pretty low price for laminate flooring. We take the product as the standard quality of laminate flooring because of the pricing itself.

However, this is a good choice if you are new to try laminate flooring and want to find out if Bellami is suited for your house or not. Maybe you can use that in your less traffic room so it won’t break easily.

Bellami Laminate Flooring Durability

The next thing we must talk about Bellami laminate flooring is their durability. A product should be resisted or durable of something to consider it’s worth to buy or not. For the standard quality of laminate flooring, Bellami has pretty good impression for the customer.

They didn’t report any serious complaints and most of them claim that they are happy to use Bellami.

Nonetheless, there are still complaints about the product. The plank sometimes already broken when arrived. Or, when the planks glued to each other and they should take huge effort to separate them and keep the wholeness.

That will cause of wasting time in installation. But fortunately, the company always pay attention to the complaints. They replace the failed product with the new one.

Consider Bellami quality is standard, we should also understand that they didn’t put any technology in coating the laminate flooring. There will be delamination if you mop or clean the floor with a wet mop.

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The damage will cause the loss function of the flooring. You have to set the humidity of the flooring to avoid such damage. This is also important if you want to claim for warranty later.

Bellami Laminate Flooring Colour & Styles

Bellami styles are pretty limited. In the early of 2019, Bellami release new look of their style. These designs are Athens, Paris, Tailor, and Berlin. It’s all wrapped in the rustic look. As for the Tailor, they were offered in craftsman-look and darker colour.

The colour of Bellami laminate flooring is quite standard. They only have basic colour in their products. The wood-alike laminate flooring also lacks real wood designs.

If we compared Bellami with another laminate flooring product, they didn’t have much of choice for the style and colour. It’s reasonable because it’s the impact of their quality standard and the limit of design they decide.

After all, they run a business and should survive in the market. But with the design and colour they already provide, you may find the match style for your room.

Bellami Laminate Flooring Installation

For someone who doesn’t understand about laminate flooring, it’s hard to get along with the laminate flooring include installing the products. If you don’t know how to install the laminate flooring, you may hire for installation service.

Besides, it’s their specialty, if problems happen when installing, they know to handle that. But, if you are a pro DIY, you need to pay attention to several things regarding installation.

  1. Prepare time and materials
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The reason why you need to provide time while installing the laminate flooring is that they will waste your time for 48-hours straight. It is same as 2 days and without any rest time. Because of this, you need to plan how much time in a day you will spend.

If you already find out, you can gather the additional materials for the installation. Check rubber, nail, tape measure to complete the process.

  • Special feature

The special feature of laminate flooring will be advantages while installing. The Bellami laminate flooring already has click-lock systems that allow you to make it as a floating floor.

You may need nails, but this technology helps you to strengthen the installation of the products.

Bellami Laminate Flooring Maintenance

To take care of Bellami laminate flooring, you have to cover the rugs in several places in your room. By covering it with rugs, the chance of breakdown will be lessened. You also need to clean the spilt water immediately if that’s happening.

The laminate flooring is not water-resistant and they didn’t coat with aluminium oxide. Swipe it with a microfiber cloth and clean with a laminate cleaner.

Through Bellami, you can explore your true desire for decorating the house. By choosing one of the rustic styles that we already told you, you can make your house like an apartment.

You can mix and matched the laminate flooring style by comparing it to your walls. It is more planned if you have a reference for the room.